Webcomic: GOTH WESTERN, a story about selling your soul for love, and how necromancy may not fix all your problems, but it's certainly a start. Now Complete!

Other Comics

Pawn Shop Adventures

Little journal comics about working at a pawn shop.

Be Not Afraid: The Sunshine Sampler

My Senior Project from SCAD. A 14-page introduction to a much longer story.

Side Effects

A short comic about medicine side effects (and time travel, sort of).

Blue Moon

Or, the time we convinced some strangers that werewolves existed.
(Autobio, 10 pages)


A one-page autobiographical comic about recovering from wrist surgery. Packed with action, thrills, and real left-handed drawing attempts.

Beware the Troll

A comic in the dark, featuring a mischievous troll and a nervous castle guard.


A school assignment from my study abroad trip to France. It was supposed to be a loosely autobiographical story, taking place in the village where we were staying.

A Moment in Paris

Very loosely based on the four days I spent in Paris while studying abroad.

Somewhere New

An assignment for the Franco-Belgian Comics class I took in France: just draw and see what comes out.

Chloris et Bastian

Inspired by the Marcinelle School of French comics, featuring Princess Chloris and her action boyfriend Bastian, and also a troll.

Do Not Attempt

A superhero finds an unorthodox way to deliver a note.