Flower Knights Tarot










I really like tarot cards, not necessarily for the divination aspect but as symbols of specific-but-universal experiences and mental states. Does that make sense? I like parsing the symbols from these old illustrations that people know so well and remaking them in a way that resonates with me, that fits with the style I'm going for. This project started out as a way to have something to draw when I didn't have anything to draw, and now it's grown into something I'm really excited about and proud of. Please find below all the cards I have drawn so far, and some brief keywords relating to the meaning of each one.


The drama of the suit of swords absolutely cannot be beat. The flowers I chose for this suit are hollyhocks and mountain laurel, which both represent ambition, one of the themes of the suit overall. Other themes that were harder to find good flowers for include logic, truth, conflict, and communication.

Ace of Swords

  • clarity
  • vision
  • truth
  • a breakthrough or new idea

Two of Swords

  • stalemate
  • difficult choices
  • denial

Three of Swords

  • heartbreak
  • sorrow
  • loss

Four of Swords

  • sanctuary
  • recovery
  • withdrawal

Five of Swords

  • conflict
  • defeat
  • discord

Six of Swords

  • moving on
  • change
  • departure

Seven of Swords

  • trickery
  • resourcefulness
  • cunning

Eight of Swords

  • imprisonment
  • helplessness
  • fear

Nine of Swords

  • anxiety
  • despair
  • nightmares

Ten of Swords

  • ruin
  • exhaustion
  • defeat

Page of Swords

  • curiosity
  • vigilance
  • mental energy

Knight of Swords

  • action
  • impulsiveness
  • daring

Queen of Swords

  • honesty
  • perceptiveness
  • clear-mindedness

King of Swords

  • discipline
  • integrity
  • morality


Pentacles, also sometimes called coins, are associated with stability, nature, health, and prosperity. The flowers I picked for this suit are bryony, which represents prosperity, and watercress, which represents stability or power.

Ace of Pentacles

  • abundance
  • prosperity
  • stability

Two of Pentacles

  • adaptation
  • resourcefulness
  • flexibility

Three of Pentacles

  • teamwork
  • collaboration
  • shared goals

Four of Pentacles

  • possessiveness
  • security
  • control